Joseph Aylett-Bullock

Reseacher, United Nations Global Pulse
Industry Research Associate, RiskEcon Lab,
Courant Institute, NYU
Doctoral Researcher, Department of Physics,
Durham University
Affiliate, Institute for Data Science, Durham University

(Note: Before April 2021 I published under Joseph Bullock)

My work focuses on the development of numerical modelling and machine learning techniques intersection of physics, humanitarian and computational social sciences. I am interesting developing techniques to aid in translation between these disciplines to best leverage our shared knowledge, and use innovation techniques in scoping out questions and throughout the research and development cycle to address pressing challenges.

I am a Doctoral Researcher at the Institute for Particle Physics Phenomenology at Durham University, the national centre for phenomenological research, and part of the Centre for Doctoral Training in Data Intensive Science and Institute for Data Science there. My PhD research focuses on investigating ways to apply and develop machine learning and mathematical modelling techniques for complex problems partiple physics, and how these appraoches can be brought into the humanitarian domain to help address challenges in crisis response and disaster relief. As specific case studies, I work on constructing high-dimensional functional approximations and performing uncertainty analysis, as well as utilising many of the numerical modelling techniques developed in this field for agent-based epidemic modelling.

Alongside this, I am a Senior Research Associate, and previouly Research Fellow, with United Nations Global Pulse, an innovation initiative of the UN Secretary-General to harness big data and emerging technologies for sustainable development and humanitarian action, where I work on a variety of projects including applying machine learning and data analysis techniques to remote sensing and textual analysis.

I also hold the position of Industry Research Associate at the NYU Risk Econ Lab, developing research in computer vision applications to satellite image analysis and co-advising several Masters students.

A selection of projects I have worked on can be found on the Projects page.

Details about my publications, talks and other academic activities can be found on the Research page.

Contact info:

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